• Function / Application:
    • Shock and storage fridge for white asparagus
      for cooling the asparagus down from 22°C to 1°C and storing it by a continuous, gentle sprinkling of ice water
    • Shock fridge for green asparagus or cherries
      for cooling the green asparagus or cherris down from 30°C to 5°C by a continuous, gentle sprinkling of ice water
      The cooling time is approx. 3⁄4 minute per °C.
    Basic equipment:
    • Shock cabinet and ice water basin insulated in stainless steel design
    • Double-walled insulation (80 mm PU foam sealant)
    • Floor gratings made of GFK (glass fibre reinforced plastic)
    • Heat exchanger, simultaneous ice storage
    • External control cabinet with temperature display and timer
    • Electric roller shutter door (-s) with insulation
    • Water pump (-s) for even sprinkling with time interval control
    • Sprinkling surface on top, can be swivelled for better cleaning
    • Temperature sensor
    • Socket gate valve for water drain
    • Ready-to-plug-in delivery (400 V)
    • Two different cooling systems are possible:
      1. Integrated cooling unit, permanently mounted
        Connection between cooling unit and cooler is via copper pipes
        Transport of the gaseous refrigerant through the copper pipes
      2. External chiller in 2-substance circuit
        Connection between chiller and cooler is via an insulated hose.
        A water-glycol mixture runs through the stainless steel pipes of the ice water cooler, if possible in a closed system to reduce temperature loss.
        = Waste heat remains outside the building
        = Cooling capacity can be adapted to the demand
        alternativly: Connection via welded PE piping
    Accessories / Variations:
    •  Adaptation to structural precondition
      e.g. floor-recessed
      = accessible with pallet truck, etc.
    • UV filter for better disinfection
    • Floor gratings made of stainless steel
    • Side cleaning flaps
    • Programmable logic controller (PLC) for regulating energy consumption when power is supplied via a photovoltaic system (also available as a retrofit kit for existing systems).
    Special features / Advantages:
    • Double function
      = Cooling down and storing with only one machine
      (concerning white asparagus)
    • Continuous build-up of an ice storage
    • Short cooling time due to circulating ice water
    • Individual adjustment of the cooling capacity
      high humidity in the cabinet
      = no drying out of the asparagus (white)
    • No grey fogging
    • No watering of the goods to be cooled
      = less loss of quality
    • No discolourations
      e.g. = cherry stem remains green

    Individual adaptations in terms of dimensions, capacity, equipment or even other types of fruit and vegetables possible on request.