The enterprise HMF has its roots in a farm with farriers and locksmith’s shop. Asparagus has been cultivated here as early as the 1960ies.

In 1963, Leo Hermeler enlarged the locksmith’s shop for the first time by building a new production hall where agricultural machinery was traded and repaired.

With the uprising of the agricultural mechanization in the 1960ies the work in the locksmith’s shop changed. The enterprise turned into a locksmith’s shop specialized in agricultural machinery mainly focusing on trading and repairing tractors and other machines. However, the farming and cultivation of asparagus also continued.

This combination of locksmith’s shop and cultivation of asparagus paired with inventiveness and technical know-how leaded to the fact that Leo Hermeler invented the first telescopic sprinkle irrigation for his own asparagus cultivation in 1987. In 1990, the first asparagus planting machine followed and he started to market it. The success proved him right and continuously developed further machines for the cultivation of asparagus:

  • Frigopurmat (Combination of washing and refrigerating machine)
  • Leopard (the revolution in using agricultural plastic films)
  • Leofant (asparagus-dam forming machine)
  • and so on …

Every one of these machines has been developed and tested with the own asparagus cultivation and the developing goes on until today. This makes the Hermeler-machines so special!

Simply based on our principle: “Taken from the practice for use in practice!”

In 1993, the enterprise HMF took over the production division of machines for asparagus from the enterprise B. Van Lengerich, which reoriented itself. The manual asparagus sorting machine and a disc-plough for asparagus dams belonged to this. These machines were also significantly developed further and refined.

Another important milestone was the development of the first hydro cooler in 1994, which revolutionized the refrigeration of asparagus. Also the first high-built tractor for spraying and cultivating asparagus originated from the factory of ideas Hermeler. Due to the fact that many producers of asparagus also produce strawberries, we also developed special machines for strawberries in collaboration with strawberry producers since 2002.

Behind the enterprise HMF there is the family: Leo und Maria Hermeler, who have 3 sons and one daughter.

After finishing his academic studies of business administration and also mechanical engineering, qualified industrial engineer Thomas Hermeler succeeded his father in 1996 and took over the management of the enterprise.

Due to further qualifications the enterprise has been registered in the Register of Craftsmen as a

  • Specialist firm for refrigeration
  • Specialist firm for electric
  • Specialist firm for building of control cabinets for the production of special machines

With the name „HMF Hermeler Maschinenbau Füchtorf“ rose a brand that stands for innovation, stability and excellent performance characteristics. Meanwhile the enterprise has grown to a mid-sized enterprise with 14 employees and 6 apprentices. Furthermore, we offer students interested in agriculture to write their thesis with us.

Today, the Hermeler group consists of 2 self-standing enterprises:

  • HMF Hermeler Maschinenbau Füchtorf, which develops, produces and merchandises the machines.
  • Hermeler GmbH, which developed the first sand-filled plastic film for asparagus cultivation in 2000. In the course of successfully marketing this plastic film, there were developed many other plastic-film-products since then so that a broad range of products can be offered.

The proximity of these two companies brings great advantage in the development of the machines: Each product is developed and tested in everyday practice. This way every area of the enterprise profits from the know-how of the other divisions. The success speaks for itself!

Today, the quality of our products is world-renowned. Asparagus- and strawberry producers from many countries all over the world work successfully with our products:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, Great Britain, Italy, Latvia, Madagascar, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Peru, Poland, Switzerland, Senegal, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia and many others.

The great innovation performance of this company is also reflected in the numerous awards it received for the developed machines:

  • 2014: Innovation award exposé
  • 2005: Innovation award Leese
  • 2005: Innovation award Münsterland
  • 2004: Prof.-Adalbert-Seifriz-Award for technology transfer
  • 2003: Innovation award Agritechnica
  • 2001: DLG-Award
  • 1999 + 2000: Innovation award Leese

In the future, the enterprise HMF will continue to launch revolutionizing products for the asparagus cultivation.

Visit our Youtube-channel, to watch videos of our machines

Networking with the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld

Since 2016, we stand in active exchange with the University of Applied Sciences in Bielefeld regarding fluid mechanics and energy technology. We offer students to write their bachelor or master thesis specifically in this subject area – however, other areas are possible, too.