• Function / Application:
    • Cutting up plant residues and wild weeds in the tramlane
    • Soil loosening in the tramline
    • Particularly suitable for light soil
    Basic equipment:
    • Three-point hitch for mounting on narrow-track tractors
    • 2 x Parallelogram segments with crosscutter discs
    • Segments hydraulically sychronously adjustable
    • Crosscutter disc:
      Ø approx. 440 mm
      = the tractor runs more smoothly due to the greater ground pressure of the disc shapes
      = greater stability
      • No individual bearing
        = no flexible adaptation to the height of the existing floor
      • Cuts off wild weed roots the soil
        = more difficult regrowth of wild weeds
    • 1 x Tube bar roller
      Roller width: approx. 1000 m
    • Hydraulically adjustable working width
    Accessories / Variations:
    • Two different working widths
    • Hitching frame for parallel mounting of two disc harrows TUKAN on standard tractors
    • Different roller types (according to soil conditions)
    • Serrated hollow disc
      Ø approx. 510 mm
      = no cutting, but incorporation of wild weeds
    • Seed drill for intercroping
      = more moisture in the soil
      = fewer wild weeds
      = nitrogen enrichment in the soil due to under-working of the intercropping

    Individual modifications regarding equipment, dimensions, etc. on request.