• Function / Application:

    for shallow tillage between the dams with standard tractors

    1. Soil can be removed from the dam
    2. Soil can be thrown onto the dam
      = mechanical weed control
    Basic equipment:
    • 1 x Three-point support cat. 2
    • 2 x Sturdy frame
    • 2 x Parallelogram segment
    • 4 x Disc segment each consisting of:
      • o Serrated hollow disc
        = no cutting but under-working the wild weeds
        Ø approx. 510 mm
        No individual bearing
        = no flexible adaptation to the height of the existing floor
      • o Bearing and spacers
    • 2 x Tube roller bar
    • Disc segments hydraulically adjustable laterally in pairs to determine the working width and mode of operation a) or b)
    Accessories / Variations:
    • Two different working widths
    • Serrated crosscutter disc Ø approx. 440 mm
      = cutting up the plant residues and wild herbs
    • Different roller types (according to soil condition)
    • Seed drill for intercroping
      = more moisture in the soil
      = fewer wild weeds
      = nitrogen enrichment in the soil due to under-working of the intercroping

    Individual modifications regarding equipment, dimensions, etc. on request.