Winter plough EISBÄR

Eisbär IEisbär IISH2630
  • Very solidly built
  • Two adjustable ploughshares
  • Suitable for heavy soils
  • Working width adjustable
  • lane is dispelled in one step
  • stable frame with four ploughshares and two wheels
  • ploughshsares are adjustable in the height and to the side
  • double performance achievable
  • ejection of one whole and two half dams in one process
  • lane is dispelled in one step
  • easy pulling
  • suitable for sandy and lightly loamy soils
  • very solidly built
  • 4 ploughshares: 2 at the front, 2 at the back side
  • suitable for heavy soils
  • high construction
  • with 2 hooks
 Eisbär IEisbär IISH2630
Performance very solidly built solidly built very solidly built
Amount of ploughshares 2 4 + 2 stabilizer 4
Soil Suitable for heavy soils Suitable for sandy and slightly loamy soils Suitable for heavy soils