Plastic layer LEOPARD

  • for laying of anti-dew-plastic, black/white plastic, with our without sand filled in
  • self-steering machine by pulling-point in the middle
  • scanning by diagonal wheels
  • easy handling
  • self-centering of the plastic by bended bow
  • shaft for unrolling turns on the ball bearing
  • intensity of stressing is adaptable by adjusting of the back discs
  • concave discs fix the plastic with soil
  • fixing of only one side of the plastic is possible
  • high output by driving speed of 8 km/h
  • also suitable for laying plastic on strawberry-dams
  • also available with pricking-wheels for pricking uniformly holes in the plastic to plant in strawberry plants
  • available with drip-tube insertion (T-Tape)

Technical Data

Length in meter
Width in meter
Height in meter
Amount of discs
Amount of wheels