Spade for the depth MAULWURF

Spade for the depth Maulwurf
  • 2 depth spades with big plates
    length of the spades: approx. 800 mm
    working width from approx. 1,50 to 2,90 m
    on demand up tol approx. 2.90 m
  • "different share point widths available: "
    80 or 200 mm
  • possible combinations with
  • third spade available
  • Function:
    for loosen the driving line between the asparagus lines
  • Advantages:
    less russet asparagus
    less of Fusarium
    to avoid back water
 Maulwurf IMaulwurf II
Working width from 1,50 m from 1,50 - 2,00 m
Accessories Adapter pieces, third spade Adapter pieces, third spade
soil points to 30 from 30