Multipurpose machine CHAMÄLEON


Multipurpose Hoe

  • for mechanical weed control
  • for damming up after the harvest
  • for marking the asparagus row
  • for milling and building winter-dams with loosening the trenches
  • for raising a dam after milling
  • used in front mounting for pre-damming the asparagus dams


Equipment features:

  • height-adjustable discs and support wheels
  • turnable discs
  • Adjustment of the hoe frame takes place via the support wheels
  • front and rear mounting possible
  • Attachment to rotary cultivator or depth spade MAULWURF possible

Optional available

  • Hoe frame with tube bar roller or curry comb
Working width approx. 1,60 m to 2,80 m approx. 1,60 m to 2,80 m
Number of discs 2 4
∅ discs approx.  610 mm approx.  610 mm