High-wheel tractor HMF 2400

HMF 2400

High-wheel tractor

The HMF 2400 high-wheel tractor features a compact design and a small turning radius.



Equipment :

  • Rear-hydraulics
  • 4 separate hydrodynamic circles for the drive, the spraying pump, the hydrodynamic adjustment and the steering system
  • Hydrostatic drive with 2 gears
  • Combined radiator for oil and water
  • Tanks for oil and diesel integrated in the frame
  • Overpressure cabin
  • Air conditioning
  • Joystick control
  • 2 spray tanks with 1200 litres nominal volume each and 120 litres actual volume clean water tank
  • Spraying pump for 180 litres/minute
  • Vertical spraying system for fungicide with 6 jets
  • Vertical spraying system for herbicide with 2 jets
  • Switch over from fungicide to herbicide by ball-tap
  • Spray control
  • Attachment of the spraying system by hooks
  • 2-drive modes: on the road up to approx. 20 km/h, on the field up to approx. 10km/h
  • Delivery with operating licence (BBA)


Optional accessories:

  • Hoe for rear-attachment with 4 jets for weed control on the asparagus dam
  • All-wheel drive
  • Rear view camera
  • Swivelling injection tank
  • Track width according to customer requirements
 HMF 2400
Engine Perkins 75 kW (102 HP)
Passage way hight approx. 1.50 m
Wheel track approx. 1.80 m to 2.00 m
Height approx. 3.70 m
Width approx. 3.00 m
Tare weight approx. 5250 kg
Speed approx. 20 km/h max.
additional accessories All-wheel-drive, Rear view camera, swivelling injection tank, Hoe for rear attachment