Plastic layer and collector WIESEL HY01

Plastic layer and collector WIESEL HY01


for winding and rewinding all known types of film

(e.g. anti-thaw film, thermal film, fleece, pocket film)


Equipment Features:


  • Drive via hydraulic motor
  • hydraulic opening of the flap
  • automatic retraction of the reel
  • Steering for even winding of the film (swivelling)
  • standard safety bar to switch off the hydraulic motor (emergency stop)
  • Front and rear attachment possible
  • Cleaning of coarse dirt by two scrapers when rewinding
  • Switching valve for changing the direction of rotation of the hydraulic valve



Winding capacity depending on the film, up to 1000 m per reel
Output per hour approx. 2-3 ha
Dimensions approx. 2.20 x 2.40 x 1.55 m LxWxH


Instruction manual