Plastic layer and collector WIESEL HY01

Plastic layer and collector
  • winding of all known film types (e.g. anti-thaw film, thermal film, fleece, pocket film) possible
  • winding possibility up to 1,000 m per reel depending on the film
  • cleaning of coarse dirt by two scrapers during rewinding
  • drive via hydraulic motor with high power
  • hydraulic opening of the flap
  • Reels are taken out to the rear
  • Capacity per hour 2-3 ha
  • steering for even winding of the film (swivelling)
  • easy handling
  • high efficiency with few personnel requirements
  • Reels are used for both laying out and winding up the film
  • Simplification of the work, as no film remains in the field
  • longer life of the film
  • winding and laying out of the film possible in forward gear
  • for front and rear mounting
  • with additional safety bracket for immediate shutdown of the hydraulic motor (emergency stop)
  • optionally with automatic film tensioning device
  • hydraulic clutch engagement from the gearbox
  • on request: independent hydraulic operation
 Wiesel HY01
Capacity Up to 1000 m, dependent on the type of plastic
Capacity per hour 2-3 ha
Gear hydraulic motor transmission


Instruction manual