EWK cherries

EWK cherries
  • Iced water will be steadily produced
  • Asparagus and cherries will not be immersed in the water
  • Machine can be installed down in the floor to be able to use forklifts
  • High power pumps ensure the evenly raining
  • Inner top is movable to make the cleaning easier
  • Alternative: switching to a 2-circulatory system
  • as an alternative to refrigerants, CO2, ammonia and glycol are possible
  • optional with UV-filter for a better disinfection
 EWK 1200/4EWK 1700
Amount of rolling doors 1 1
Amount of submersible pumps 1 1
Depth (inside) 1250 mm 2840 mm
Width (inside) 2148 mm 1250 mm
Height (inside) 1000 mm 1750 mm
Depth (outside) 1410 mm 3000 mm
Width (outside) 3000 mm 1450 mm
Height (outside) 2612 mm 3000 mm
Quantity stored 2 paletts  
Rear wall  
2-circulatory system  
shocking capacity 1000kg/h from 30°C to 5°C  

Additional shock cooling power on request.

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