• Function / Application:
    • For pre-cleaning fruit and vegetables before further processing
    • Possibility of unsorted storage, as already pre-cleaned
    Basic equipment:
    • stainless steel version
    • stainless steel waste water pumps
    • Water tank
    • Water bassin with sleeve gate valve
    • Conveyor belt made of stainless steel chains
    • Control cabinet
    • automatic start/stop for pumps and conveyor belt
    • Drive motor with infinitely variable speed control
    • ready to plug in (400 V)
    Accessories / Variations:
    • variable waste water pump quantities (2-12)
    • variable water tank quantities
    • Fresh water nozzles
    • more powerful pumps
    • more conveyor belts
    • Cleaning flap
    • especially for green asparagus (no contact of the sensitive heads with water)
    • also available as manual pre-wash
    Special features / Advantages:
    • Sand does not get into the further processing sequence
    • easy access to the water basins and pumps
    • high water circulation due to powerful wastewater pumps
    • inclined bottom of the water basin for easy cleaning

    Individual modifications regarding equipment, dimensions, etc. are possible on request.