• Function / Application:
    • for storing asparagus (other fruits and vegetables also possible)
    Basic equipment:
    • Cold store made of insulated sandwich panels (= ceiling + side walls, without floor).
    • Insulation of 100 mm polyurethane, foamed CFC-free
    • Sandwich panel surface made of galvanised sheet steel, plastic-coated, colour: white
    • Connection of panels with tongue and groove
    • Door element
    • Switch cabinet
    • Temperature sensor
    • Large-area ceiling evaporator
    • Sprinkler system; all strands individually switchable
      = humidification possible over the entire area
    • Cooling via two different systems possible:
      1. Integrated cooling unit
        Use of gaseous refrigerants
      2. External chiller in 2-substance circuit
        Use of water-glycol mixture
    Accessories / Variations:
    • PLC control for regulating energy consumption when power is supplied via a photovoltaic system (also as a retrofit kit for existing systems)
    • Sandwich panels in different thicknesses (80, 100 or 120 mm)
    • Flexible adaptation to different room sizes
    • Choice of different door elements (hinged or sliding door)
    • Existing rooms can be converted into a cold room

    Execution of the entire system in accordance with applicable VDE guidelines.

    Individual modifications regarding equipment, dimensions, etc. are possible on request.