• Basic equipment:
    • Washing and cutting unit including recycling tank made of stainless steel
      = no corrosion, even during longer standstills
      consists of :
      Mesh belt for placing the asparagus spears
      Head and foot bands for aligning the spears
      Blade for cutting spears to required length
      Sensor control
      Pump (different variants depending on requirement)
      Recycling tank with 2 sieving levels
      Cleaning of the complete asparagus spear with different nozzle sets,
      controlled by a solenoid valve.
      1st step: with recycled water from the recycling tank
      2nd step: with fresh water
      = improved cleaning possibility – less fresh water consumption
    • Camera tunnel
      1. high resolution camera
      = improved detection of rust, bloom, etc.
      2. LED illumination
      = uniform light brightness and colour AUTOSELECT
    • Output tray
      from 6 outpur trays upwards (Width variably adaptable to box widths)
      = Minimisation of asparagus breakage
    • Tray
      particularly ergonomic design made of easy-to-clean PE material
      = Minimisation of asparagus breakage
      compact, low-noise turnouts (different distances possible)
    • Evaluation software specially developed by Hermeler
      simple, fast data entry via scanner or transponder
      Data storage and printout possible
      Storage of different parameter sets, retrievable at any time
      Programming of any number of punches or fields possible
    • Nozzle set for cleaning the trays and the camera tunnel Additional fresh water is sprayed into the areas of evaluation
      (upper head plate, lower belt, trays)
      = improved evaluation
    • Table made of stainless steel
      for placing the asparagus spears
    Accessories / Variations:


    • Feeding belt
      consists of two different belts:
      1. Placement belt.
      2. Vibrating belt:
      for automatic alignment of the spears with “foot end down”.
      Sensor between the vibrating belt and the washing and cutting unit causes 90% occupancy of the sorting boxes
      Different belt lengths and other variants of placement belts available, e.g. cleated belt especially for green asparagus, head or foot belt without vibrating function, etc.
    • Conveyor belt
      for the removal of asparagus cuttings
    • Switching between white and green asparagus
      equipped with two different nozzle blocks
      only the lower part of the green asparagus is cleaned by switching off a nozzle block
      Water pressure adjustment by the control system
      = no water in the green asparagus head
    • Second blade unit after cleaning for a precise, final cut
    • Box conveyor sensor-assisted
      consisting of:
      a stainless steel frame construction
      a plate band / plastic sheet
    • Roller conveyor with or without curve for further transport of the boxes, e.g. to a flow cooler
    • Adaptation to structural conditions by means of
      • Curve 90° or 180
      • Running direction right or left possible
      • a wide range of feeder and conveyor belts for efficient operating sequences
    • Output tray width from approx. 180 mm, adapted to the box size
    • different sorts at one output tray or distribution of one sort over several output trays
    • Weighing unit
    • Barcode scanner
    • Water basin for boxes with unsorted asparagus
      for easier placement of the asparagus spears on the feeding belt / table
    • Construction of sorting machine sals for other types of fruits and vegetables

    Individual modifications regarding equipment, dimensions, etc. on request are possible