• Function / Application:

    Machine for emptying the pockets of sand-filled film:

    The reel with the pocket film to be emptied is hooked into the device at the start of the machine.

    If a Böckenhoff film winding system is used, this can also be hooked into the device via an adapter (see SPAFO accessories).

    The film must be manually threaded once through the entire machine to the reel at the end of the machine.

    The additional film should be fed to the machine by knotting it to the existing film.

    Care must be taken to ensure that the knots pass through the middle of the machine and are not cut by the blades.

    The sand-filled pockets of the film are separated lengthways by the blade unit.

    The speed of the machine can be infinitely adjusted by means of a rotary potentiometer via an additional control terminal; the unwinding and rewinding speeds adapt automatically.

    The sand is removed from the film by the two beaters.

    The sand is removed from the machine by a conveyor belt system.

    The emptied film is wound onto a special SPAFO reel at the end of the machine (see SPAFO accessories).

    The central tube of the reel can be removed using a hydraulically-operated extractor (see SPAFO accessories). The film can then be removed without the need for a core.

    Basic equipment:
    • 1 x Device for hooking in the standard Hermeler reel
    • 1 x Metal dam for guiding the film
    • 2 x Blade unit
    • 2 x Counter cutter
    • 2 x Beaters for emptying the pocket film
    • 1 x Conveyor belt system for sand removal
    • 1 x Main control cabinet
    • 1 x Separate operating terminal at the start of the machine
    • 1 x Rotary potentiometer for infinitely variable speed adjustment
    • Electrical drive via bevel gear motors
    • 1 x Device for winding the emptied film onto a special SPAFO reel
    • 1 x Protective grid
    • 1 x Electronic operating hours counter
    • 2 x Emergency stop switch
    Technical data:
    • Machine output: approx. 1500 m film per hour
    • Total length: approx. 9360 mm
    • Outer width: approx. 2500 mm
    • Outer height: approx. 2210 mm
    Accessories / Variations:
    • Special SPAFO reel for winding up the emptied film
    • Hydraulically driven extractor for removing the SPAFO reel tube
      = coreless disposal
    • Adapter for film winding system Böckenhoff *
    • Roll-off frame as platform for the SPAFO machine
    • Single-axle hook lift trailer for transport
    • Roof/side tarpaulins as weather protection

    * Use of other film winding systems on request

    The SPAFO machine can also be used for manual filling of pocket film.

    Special features / Advantages:
    • Up to 93% emptying of the pocket film
      = significant weight reduction of the pocket film to be disposed of
      = cost saving
    • Sand free of microplastics
    • Reuse of the collected sand
      = cost saving
      = sustainable use of resources
    • Recycling of used film
      = sustainable use of resources

    Individual modifications regarding equipment, dimensions, etc. are possible on request